How to Buy Turkish Carpets

Jul 4th

Turkish carpets dating from the V century BC the art of carpet weaving has its beginnings in Central Asian nomads, who manufactured goat hair carpets to keep out the harsh climate. Turkish carpets were traditionally made by women, who spent their fabric designs to their daughters. Today the Turkish carpets are woven in more than 750 villages and tribal areas, incorporating the same symbols, designs and colors that passed from generation to generation.

Before buying Turkish carpets you must learn to assess their quality. Use these steps to buy a Turkish carpet. The first, get ready to buy a Turkish carpet with determines the type of carpet you want to buy. Consider whether you prefer a carpet handmade or factory. Determine what size you prefer it the Turkish carpet. Set a budget for your purchase of a Turkish carpet.

Then, buy a Turkish carpet in a cooperative carpet. Looking for a carpet merchant in good standing who is an expert in Turkish carpets.

Finally, evaluate the quality of the carpet. Determine whether the Turkish carpet was hand-knotted. Evaluate the knots per square inch (KPSI). Asked what material was used to make the Turkish carpet. Determine whether natural or synthetic dyes were used in Turkish carpets fibers.

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