How to make reclaimed wood dining table

Jun 27th


1. Bring Home Salvaged Wood

So like great officers,  reclaimed wood dining table scaled down van over and put 3 – 12′ sheets on top and strapped them down. Bringing gloves is dependably a reward in the event that you have delicate paws

2. It’s Nail Pullin’ Time

Most rescued and recovered wood will be laden with equipment used to hold it together in its past life. Our 3 pieces had a few hundred nails, screws and staples that required to be pulled. Simply focus on being sweaty and begin pulling!

3. Line ’em Up

We were fortunate as in our discovered wood was at that point straight. Numerous pieces reclaimed wood dining table may oblige some more exertion (like being go through a joiner and afterward table saw) to get them to square up. Our own were ready and a little muscle helped keep them immaculate amid the following step.

4. Sand, Buff, Seal

We utilized a low number sand paper emulated reclaimed wood dining table by steel downy to thump down and smooth all pods that may get our coffee shops’ elbows. From here you can decide to wax, seal or abandon it characteristic relying upon the look fancied.

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