Pedestal Dining Table Design

Jun 29th

Drexel Heritage The name is well known in the world of furniture. Many ancient pieces of Drexel Heritage still very strong after decades of use and some have increased in value. If you tell a shelf pedestal dining table Drexel Heritage in a home, you can learn more about it and maybe even find their current market value.

Turn Ledge Drexel Heritage pedestal dining table to access the back of the piece. Be careful when moving furniture, as these pieces can be quite heavy.

Find a three digit number followed by a dash and three digits. This is the item number assigned by Drexel Heritage when the board is manufactured. If you see an item number but with a different format, you can have a piece made ​​before 1971 the format of the numbers of these items was standardized after 1971.

The pedestal dining table design. Turn the piece so you can see the bottom if you do not find a stamp with the number on the back. Drexel Heritage identification numbers placed in the back of the room or at the bottom. Enter the item number along with the name of the collection and the approximate year of production if available.

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