The Characteristics of The Swivel Chairs

Jul 22nd

Professionals who study injuries from poorly designed jobs are very often the reason of injuries to employees in the unwillingness of work items. The reason for many of these problems is in the inadequate height workbenches, in high or low location of the monitors, in the design of the swivel chairs that do not consider the postural positions, the amount of light needed and other factors.

These issues generate different health problems are preventable. Unfortunately, few companies take this into consideration and prefer not to invest in appropriate furniture. Therefore, in recent years, manufacturers of office furniture and industrial seats being developed that respect the natural curvature of the spine. In these seats are called ergonomic. The designers of these chairs get comfort using two ramps in the same chair, taking recommendations from physical therapists and chiropractors. The very common in office swivel chairs are the result of the evolution of the comfortable seat. When they are designed to promote correct and free pelvic position, we know that are appropriate.

According to historians, the swivel chairs were invented in one of the first presidents of the United States the eighteenth century by Thomas Jefferson.

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